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Top of France by Jakub Polomski

Aiguille du Midi (3,842 m). The cable car to the summit, the Téléphérique de l’Aiguille du Midi, was built in 1955 and held the title of the world’s highest cable car for about two decades. Top station of Aiguille du Midi is the starting point for one of the routes to the Mont Blanc summit.

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palau’s jellyfish lake was once connected to the pacific ocean, but when the sea level dropped its population of jellyfish were left to thrive in the isolation of its algae rich waters. no longer needing to defend themselves from predators, the jellyfish lost their sting, allowing snorkelers to now swim with them as they make their daily 800 metre migration from one end of the lake to the other.

photos by (click pic) david kirkland, david doubilet, tomas kotoucjody macdonaldchean chong lim, eric changnadia aly and richard schneider  (see also: vancouver aquarium jellyfish)

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Salmon stuffed avocado and lettuce wrapped ahi tuna. This. Is. Life. Want some!?



Alabama - pecan pie
Alaska - king crab legs
Arizona - chimichangaArkansas - cheese dip
California - fish tacos
Colorado - breakfast burrito
Connecticut - steamed burger
Delaware - scrapple
Florida - key lime pie
Georgia - peach cobbler
Hawaii - loco moco
Idaho - fries with fry sauce
Illinois - deep dish pizza
Indiana - pork tenderloin sandwich
Iowa - loose meat sandwich
Kansas - smoked sausages
Kentucky - hot brown
Louisiana - gumbo
Maine - lobster roll
Maryland - crab cake
Massachusetts - New England clam chowder
Michigan - coney dog
Minnesota - juicy Lucy
Mississippi - mud pie
Missouri - toasted ravioli
Montana - meat pasty
Nebraska - cheese frenchee
Nevada - buffets
New Hampshire - apple crisp
New Jersey - Taylor ham sandwich
New Mexico - green chile stew
New York - buffalo wings
North Carolina - bbq pork sandwich
North Dakota - kuchen
Ohio - pierogi
Oklahoma - chicken fried steak
Oregon - marionberry pie
Pennsylvania - cheese steak
Rhode Island - johnny cakes
South Carolina - shrimp and grits
South Dakota - frybread tacos
Tennessee - Nashville hot chicken
Texas - bbq beef brisket
Utah - funeral potatoes
Vermont - Ben & Jerry’s ice cream
Virginia - country ham biscuits
Washington - cedar plank salmon
West Virginia - pepperoni roll
Wisconsin - cheese curds
Wyoming - beef jerky

I really want to go to each of these states and eat each of these things there.


Open Shutter Project Michael Wesely

  • Images 1-3: Museum of Modern Art in New York
  • Images 4-5: Potsdamer Platz in Berlin
  • Image 6: Leipziger Platz in Berlin
  • Image 7: Allianz Arena Football Stadium in Munich

"Since the early 1990s, German photographer Michael Wesely has been inventing and refining techniques for using extremely long camera exposures to take uniquely compelling photographs. Through the use of filters and a very small aperture, yet one that is standard in a professional camera lens, he is able to diminish the amount of light hitting the negative to the point where he can extend the exposure many thousands of times longer than we would ordinarily expect." [via]


"Oh god, make it stop!" [x]

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The Big Book of Font Combinations 

With so many amazing typefaces out there it is easy to lose hours exploring and pairing fonts to get the perfect design. The Big Book of Font Combinations changes all that.

This amazing resource streamlines your research by putting a working historical record of the most incredibly influential typefaces in graphic design history in your hands. This endlessly inspiring and time saving guide has been compiled by expert font lovers to help professional designers, students and hobbyists dig deep and discover great looking combinations of typefaces and fonts for any design projects.

Use the font combination examples from the BBOFC in your next project, or use them as a jumping off place to think about fonts in a new way. However you use it, this essential guide is bound to become your constant companion on your design journey.

You can get the book in the website here or you can get it here with a big discount (50% off):

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